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About Us


About DZN

DZN provides a Full Spectrum Services consisting of five phases of In House Architectural and Engineering Services and any Consultant Services needed to assist in completing the project. The Services are sequential, with overlap between phases for continuity and process flow. The phases are as follows :

  • PreDesign
  • Design Development
  • Construction Document
  • Bidding and Negotiation
  • Construction Management

DZN was founded in 1995


DZN Stands For Design. We Are On A Mission To Unlock The Full Potential Of Our Clients’ Vision Through Innovative Design, State of The Art Technology & Full Spectrum of Services from Conception to Completion.

Environmental Engineering

Industrial Design

Design Management

Design Management


We Want To Drive A New Era Of Modern Architecture That Inspires & Uplifts. We Invite Every Client To Take Part In An Art Movement That Incorporates Contemporary Style With A Focus On The Environment & Community.

from founder

It was love at first sight...
When I was just a boy, my family immigrated to the US from Nigeria. From day one, I was captivated by the differences in the infrastructure and how modern everything looked. I realized right away how much your environment can change your perception and your community. I knew then, that if I wanted to make a lasting impact on the world, I could do it through design.
Great imagination can change the way you see the world. Great architecture can change the way the world sees itself.
Let's bring your imagination to life together.

Lic. No. AR 14988

CEO | Lead Architect & Engineer